Winter Ideas

Cold air, and lights are around. Big coats, scarfs and hats. The sound of Christmas songs on the radio and in stores. Winter is here, and so are their activities. Here are some ideas for the winter season.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating is a great way to get some winter exercise in for the holidays. Put on some skates and skate your heart out. This is also a great winter date idea. You can always use your partner as balance, and just hold their hand. 


Snowboarding is also another great winter activity to get some exercise in. Strap on your boots and side! Bring some friends along and make a weekend out it.


Skiing, just like snowboarding and ice skating gets the exercise in. Put on your skis and have fun. This also another fun winter activity to do with friends.


With the holidays coming up, going caroling is a great way to get in that holiday cheer. Cheering up people, young and old in the cold winter air. Winter is not the same without it.

Trips to the snow

Just a trip to the snow is nice to relax and enjoy your time away. On this getaway you can even participate in some old school winter activities like snowball fights, sledging, building snowman’s and creating snow angels.

Rent a winter home

If you want the snow and cold, but stay cozy rent a winter home. Enjoy all these activities in a cozy home.

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