Upgrade Your Sleep: the Mattress

Do you wake up tired, sore, and almost falling off your bed? Is there a migration of the kids, the dog, and maybe even the cat into your bed? Maybe not the case for you, but it is the unaltered reality of our life!

Our kids, who both have their own beds, fall asleep in their own beds. Of course, at times the kids just have a way of ending up in our bed.

Therefore, we have been talking about upgrading our queen mattress to a KING! Below is a short list of pros and cons to justify getting a new mattress!


  • More ROOM on the bed!
  • Probably with get better sleep, contingent upon what mattress we get
  • Can redesign the bedroom

Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash


  • Need to buy a new mattress: mattress shopping can be exhausting!
  • Need to buy a king size bed, sheets, bed covers
  • Will take up more room in the bedroom
  • What will we do the current furniture/mattress!?

After considering the pros and cons, we are still going with our impulse to purchase a new KING mattress. We are pursuing the thought of a good night sleep!!! Now, on to dealing with the cons…

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash



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