Top Concealers: Drugstore and High End Makeup

There are many different concealers, from high end to drugstore. These concealers would include thicker and lighter formulas, high and sheerer coverage. Concealers vary in texture and coverage due to what we use them for.

For the Under Eyes

Under the eyes, I recommend a lighter full coverage concealer. This helps conceal any discoloration from those sleepless nights, but help with limited creasing. A thick, coverage concealer conceals under the eyes but creases, even if it is set. To avoid the need to use a thicker concealer, use a salmon colored corrector before applying a thinner concealer.

My all time favorite drugstore concealer is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. It covers my deep colored under eye circles but is still light and doesn’t crease. I set it with some powder for maximum hold. It has a huge variety of shades with different under tones, so color matching shouldn’t be a problem. For something lighter, but just to brighten under the eyes, the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer is perfect! It brightens the under eyes and makes you look more awake while still looking very natural. On those extra special days, I pair both the Fit me and the Instant Age Rewind together to get more coverage, but still have that brightening affect. 

For the Face

A medium- full coverage liquid concealer is my go to for an everyday spot concealer. This would provide the coverage you need, but have a very light and natural feel to it.  The Fit Me Concealer is my go to daily concealer. It provides me with coverage for any break outs I have, but still keep a minimal look for everyday. A liquid concealer is easy to build up and this concealer would work for both spot concealing and under the eyes.

Full Coverage

A special occasion concealer, a thicker, fuller coverage concealer would look great in photographs and provide the maximum coverage. I would recommend the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer. This concealer provides full coverage without caking up your face. It has a thicker formula and when applied, covers everything! It lasts on the face all day with the maximum coverage. A little of this concealer goes a long way- it will last you a long time. 

We need to teach ourselves what works best for our skin type and what concealers work the best for us.

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