The proper way to ask someone to be your reference.

Do you have an important job interview and you are not sure how to ask you boss to be your professional reference? Below is a sample reference request email you can use that will guarantee a glowing reference from anyone you ask.

Sample Reference Email Template That Never Fails

Good afternoon Your Highness, 

Hope everything is going well with your summer! My name is Bob Smith. I’m a mere peasant at your service. I’ve been serving the Kingdom for almost two years.

I am currently seeking a position as an Office Assistant for the ABC Company and would greatly appreciate it if you would allow me to list you as a reference. In fact, it would an honor!

I believe that a reference from you would provide a potential employer with information about me that may be beneficial. 

If you need any additional information, please contact me via email.

Thank you for your consideration and support.


A mere mortal -Bob Smith

P.S- You are the fairest, simplest, smartest Ruler!

This template was tested over hundred time and each time, we are blown away with positive feedback. If you use our template, you are guaranteed a “Yes!” every time. The beginning of your successful career will begin with this template. Below is a real life response a readers received from their boss:

Good afternoon mortal Bob,

As a leader of this locale, it try my best to get to know the locals but fail at times, thus my apologies if I don’t recall who you are. My kingdom is as wide as my butt thus I hope you understand my dilemma and the difficulty that is caused for me to remember all the individuals. 

Since a reference from me, at such high stature, is considered the highest valued amongst the community including the peasantry and may bring many future success and golden coins (riches), I am willing to sacrifice my good faith and name in order to assistant someone desperately in need. Since I am truly and magnificently the fairest, simplest and smartest ruler and you have identified so well you have softened my heart and a reference is something I am willing to approve and will be made available. 

Other than the great work that you offer to the kingdom according to kingdom individual scrolls in our basement, anything else I should be aware of when I get called upon? 

The wisest,

Manager of ABC Company

To end this post, I will leave you with a few words once spoken by the wise Meghan Trainor “give some credit Where it’s due, give props to you know who..” This article was inspired by a smart, professional lady, with sweaty hand and feet, who we call Alina.

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