How to Quit Refined Sugar & Benefits of Sugar Free Diet

Let’s face it, sugar is addicting.I didn’t realize how much I craved it until I decide to give up my habit of eating sugar daily. I was sugar free August to December and was shocked to find how much better I felt during those five months. Unfortunately, with the holiday parties and our vacation in December, I enjoyed multiple sugary treats throughout the last two month. Now were in February, and I ready to eliminate sugar from my diet once again.I would like to share a few tips that helped me back in August and that I am using again right now to help me eliminate sugar from my diet.

Tip #1: Clean out the pantry. The first thing i did was go through my kitchen and toss out anything that I did not want to consume. For the items I was not willing to throw out (a few chocolate bars we brought back from our Iceland trip), I put inside of a box and taped it up and shoved in the back of the kitchen cabinet. They were safe, out of sight and out of easy reach.

Tip #2: Stock up the fridge. My second tip is to stock your fridge with fruit. Every time you have a sugar craving, you have fruit at your fingertips. Its quick, easy and satisfying. You can also freeze fruit for times when you want a cold treat. Grapes are one of my favorites, but berries freeze great as well.

Tip #3:Find healthy alternative.There are so many different fruit and herb teas that you can drink when sugar craving come up. One of my favorites for when I want something sweet is rooibos vanilla blend or ginger lemon tea. Chai tea, with a splash of almond milk can also be very satisfying. Another option is dried fruit and nuts. This is my weakness! I discovered the most delicious combination, dates and pecans! 

Tip #4: It’s all in your head. Most of our craving are all mental. If you take time to listen to your body and focus on what your body is really craving, it is not sugar. This is especially important when you are around company, having the mental strength to resist that cake and instead enjoy a bowl of fruit.

Benefits of living sugar free:

  • You feel healthier
  • Your craving for sugar will decrease
  • More stable energy through out the day
  • Better skin
  • Mental clarity


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