Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane & Chaga

Would you like to enhance your brain functionality with your morning coffee? Guess what? Now you can—with mushroom coffee.

I came across countless studies about benefits of mushrooms on the brain, specifically Lion’s mane.

Health Benefits of Lion’s Mane:

  • enhances brain function
  • helps improve digestive health
  • reduces bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol
  • supports heart and circulatory system health

I did not want to take any Lion’s Mane supplements however I still wanted to experience the benefits. I found the perfect solution, mushroom coffee! I purchased a box of Four Sigmatic Lion’s mane and Chaga coffee. I am not a big coffee drinker, I personally prefer tea. However, on days that I stay up past my bedtime and have hard time concentrating and focusing on my daily tasks the next day—this coffee gives me the energy I need to get through the day. I drink my coffee black, without any creamer or sweetener. It does not have the strong coffee taste, it’s a much smoother, milder taste. I drink about half of a cup and only on days when I need an extra energy boost. I am happy with the results so far. I do not drink conventional coffee (including decaf) because of the jittery feeling I get after I take a few sips. I did not experience that with this mushroom coffee.  I also enjoy the packaging, very convenient to keep at your desk at work.

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