Slim Down in Photos

Looking slim in photos is not always the easiest thing to do. But taking photos is a fun thing to look back at if you’re doing it right. Not being the slimmest person, I used to always dread taking photos. Over the years, I have learned some techniques that help me drop those extra pounds off of my photographs.

The first tip all depends on what you wear. As we all know, black is always slimming but it’s not only black- being monochromatic will also help slim down your body. One shade of clothing will help the eyes flow softly up and down your body. Wearing fitted clothing (not tight, but fitted) will also help slim the body. Wearing loose clothing will make someone look straight and without a body shape, but wearing fitted clothes, even if it is loose, will show a shape that you will then be able to enhance with your pose. A great tip is to wear a fitted top and if appropriate weather, add a cardigan on top. The longer the cardigan- the more it hides.

The next tip is all about your position. Make sure to enhance your body shape, instead of hiding it. Slightly stick out your butt and push your chest forward. This will create an “S” body shape. Twist your body slightly sideways  to further enhance that perfect silhouette. Then place one foot in front of the other with a slight bend to the knee. This will further slim down your body by tricking the camera. To further slim your photos, add a purse, cup of coffee, or even sunglasses. Create movement with these pieces to help create the perfect picture. 

Following these simple ideas will help slim down your photos and enhance the features you love.

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