How to Curl Hair: The Keys to Perfect Curls

One of the first things that I learned when working with hair, is curling the hair. Curling hair is something that most of us struggle with when we don’t have control over our curling iron. There are many different ways to curl hair and get different results, each by using different techniques. These techniques are endless based on these three concepts: the way the barrel is held, the way the hair is twisted around the barrel, and the curling technique that is used.

The Way you Hold the Barrel:

 -Holding the barrel with the clamp facing towards the front of the face allows you to get curls that are facing away from your face.





-Vis versa if you hold the barrel facing away from the face, this would allow you to get curls facing your face.





-Holding the barrel in a vertical position allows you to control the type of curl you will receive.  This will depend on how far apart each wrap is from each other.  The closer the wraps, the tighter the curls.




-Holding the barrel in a horizontal position allows you to receive more bouncy curls because it is curled from the root.


Quick Tip: If you hold your hair in your hand after it is released from the barrel, it will prolong the wear of your curl.

The Way you Twist your Hair Around the Barrel:

The twist of your hair around the barrel is what gives you the difference in the curl. When wrapping your hair around the barrel, you have two different options:

-Holding the hair flat around the barrel will give you a the classic curl (on the left).

-Twisting the hair around the barrel will help you achieve more loose curls. The more twists; the more beachy of a wave you will achieve (on the right).



The Curling Technique Used:

-The easiest way to curl your hair, is to start from the bottom and curl up. This would give you the simple flat around the barrel curl.





-The next simplest technique is to start from the top and work your way down while opening the clamp every time you twist the hair. This technique will give you a flat around the barrel curl but with a little more volume at the root and looser ends.




-If you want the pin up type curls, curl the hair with one twist every time you go around the barrel. Pin the curls up with a clip to help them stay bouncy and voluminous.



-To receive the ‘crimp’ look, alternate the way you hold the barrel. From the clamp facing away from you, to the clamp facing the back of your head.


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