First Facial Experience

Going to my very first facial was very exciting and it was just what I needed. This facial was a deep cleansing facial that left my skin looking and being healthier.

These are the steps that the esthetician took:

Facial Cleansing:

First the esthetician talked to me to get an understanding of my skin and started to cleanse with a cleanser. My face was now clean from any makeup and dirts, so we began right away. Through the whole process the esthetician explained what she was doing and why she was doing it. She mentioned that for every step she does it takes a minimum of 15 minutes to make sure the product is doing what it would.


After cleaning my skin she rinsed my face by using a towelette. This first step, step up the rest of the facial. She then applied an exfoliate and worked that in. After doing this the esthetician applied a mask to deep clean the face.

Chemical Mask:

A chemical mask was then applied to fully open up the pores. The esthetician spread the lotion around. This had a warm effect, in which she sealed the mask with a covering and wrapped a towel around the face to prevent the heat from escaping.  This was part of a 2 step process to get rid of top layer of skin

Riding of Dirt:

After 20 minutes, the esthetician  took the towel and covering off and went in with a tool that was rolled on the face to relieve any clogged pores. This got rid of the dirt that was in my pores .

After this tool, the esthetician went in and cleared stubborn pores.

Closing the Pores:

The second step to get rid of the top layer was using an ultrasound machine to remove/ close the pores.

The esthetician then toned, applied sunscreen and moisturizer to the face.

The overall experience was very calming and felt refreshing. It was a new experience that I would be open to do again. Our skin is the largest organ of the body, so lets take care of it.

How to Curl Hair: The Keys to Perfect Curls

One of the first things that I learned when working with hair, is curling the hair. Curling hair is something that most of us struggle with when we don’t have control over our curling iron. There are many different ways to curl hair and get different results, each by using different techniques. These techniques are endless based on these three concepts: the way the barrel is held, the way the hair is twisted around the barrel, and the curling technique that is used.

The Way you Hold the Barrel:

 -Holding the barrel with the clamp facing towards the front of the face allows you to get curls that are facing away from your face.





-Vis versa if you hold the barrel facing away from the face, this would allow you to get curls facing your face.





-Holding the barrel in a vertical position allows you to control the type of curl you will receive.  This will depend on how far apart each wrap is from each other.  The closer the wraps, the tighter the curls.




-Holding the barrel in a horizontal position allows you to receive more bouncy curls because it is curled from the root.


Quick Tip: If you hold your hair in your hand after it is released from the barrel, it will prolong the wear of your curl.

The Way you Twist your Hair Around the Barrel:

The twist of your hair around the barrel is what gives you the difference in the curl. When wrapping your hair around the barrel, you have two different options:

-Holding the hair flat around the barrel will give you a the classic curl (on the left).

-Twisting the hair around the barrel will help you achieve more loose curls. The more twists; the more beachy of a wave you will achieve (on the right).



The Curling Technique Used:

-The easiest way to curl your hair, is to start from the bottom and curl up. This would give you the simple flat around the barrel curl.





-The next simplest technique is to start from the top and work your way down while opening the clamp every time you twist the hair. This technique will give you a flat around the barrel curl but with a little more volume at the root and looser ends.




-If you want the pin up type curls, curl the hair with one twist every time you go around the barrel. Pin the curls up with a clip to help them stay bouncy and voluminous.



-To receive the ‘crimp’ look, alternate the way you hold the barrel. From the clamp facing away from you, to the clamp facing the back of your head.


Mannequin Head:

Curling Iron:

Midterms:Tips for Exams and Tests

Midterms, the horror of students. No wonder they are around this time of year considering today is Halloween. To pass or to not pass, to study or wing it. Mid-terms and their exams put a panic in all of us and reminds us that the semester is almost over. Here are some tips for midterms and future exams and tests:

Stay on top of things:

Throughout the whole semester it’s a good idea to stay on top of your classes and material that is being covered. A way to do this is after the lecture ends try to review your notes as soon as possible. The more time the material is not reviewed the less likely you are to absorb and understand as much information as possible. This will give a higher possibility of passing the exam.

Don’t wait till the last moment:

This is similar to the point above. Studying the night before an exam is not the most efficient way to study for an exam. If you combine these two points together then only a small portion of time will be needed to be spent studying for a test and the material will be learned and later on applied. With less time required to study for the exam, the time can be used for other classes that may also have an exam.


I know how midterms and finals delay our sleep. It may be because of nerves or staying up to studying, but a fresh mind is a more functional mind. Try to get sleep throughout the semester, not just the night before the exam. For me personally, I am more tired if I change my sleeping pattern. If I got 6 hours of sleep on the daily, then I would not change 6 to 8 hours of sleep for the next day. My body does not adapt that quickly, therefore I would be more tired. Try to keep the same schedule, food and sleep wise.

Fall Ideas

With fall here, it’s a new season with new adventures, new experiences, a new wardrobe, and a new attitude. With cozy weather, it’s nice to stay inside and cuddle up with some blankets. People say that the hardest part of getting up and out there is convincing yourself to get up and get out there. For me personally, it’s finding something to do. Here are some ideas for fall hangouts and dates:

Apple Orchards

Apple orchards are a great place to visit during fall. The apples are ripe, the leaves change colors and nothing says fall like a caramelized apple. A farmers market is open and always a good way to try new treats and buy produce straight from the gardens. Fall is here so an orchid/ farmers market is the place to go.

Corn Mazes

Corn mazes, are a fun way to spend your fall time. Typically, corn mazes give you a map of the maze, but if you are feeling spontaneous ditch the map and have fun! One of my favorite things to is to pack a light lunch and have a little picnic on one of the lookout spots.  Not only is it a nice break, but food is always a good idea.


Not all fairs are open, but the ones that are, are a good way to spend quality time with family and friends. With lots of games and rides, fall makes the fair fun without the heat.


It might as well be called the hiking season. With summer ending and cooler winds coming in, hikes are a great way to get some exercise and distress. Great views and beautiful fall golden sunsets. Just make sure it’s not supposed to rain.

Spa Treatment

Another way to distress is to do a spa night. Nights are getting colder and hot bathes just hit the spot. Fall smelling candles, some Epsom salts or bath bombs/ bubbles, dimmed lights and some sort of entertainment. A book, a movie, music, or my favorite, my thoughts. Pamper yourself- put on a mask and paint your nails. Something we rarely get to do.


Starting the new school year

Fall is coming up and we all know what that means, school. Even though it’s coming up in a couple of weeks it’s still on our minds and we just can’t wrap our minds around it. Here are some things to try to get the school year started.

Tips & Tricks:

  • If you are new to the campus / school, take a tour to get familiar where the buildings are. This will help save time.
  • Print your schedule ahead of time to not worry about any servers shutting down.
  • Buy a parking passes. Not only is it more convenient, it’s cheaper.
  • Buy your textbooks before hand. Some website that are great for comparing different prices are,
  • Be prepared the first day. You never know what to expect. Have some notebooks/loose leaf paper and a writing utensil.

Over all be open to meeting new people and new experiences!

Story Time: Engagement

My engagement story, for me, was the beginning of my fairytale story. The first question I got asked right after I got engaged was: how did he propose? Tell us the whole story and don’t skip any details. I know that this question is asked over and over again because each story is different and all are interesting. Here’s how my husband starting our fairytale.
My husband and I were very good friends for five years before we starting dating. We dated for exactly six months, and then he popped the question. (As you can tell, I said YES!!!). He was very romantic and spontaneous. It happened on Thursday, June 30, 2016. After work, Romeo planned to go to the ocean in San Francisco with a couple of our friends. We got to the ocean around 8:00 p.m. and and decided to walk around, just the two of us. While we were walking and discussing our plans for the future and our life, our friends were planning the surprise. We walked up on a cliff and sat there for a bit just admiring the view. When it got dark out, he decided to head back to the car, walking by the road instead of on the beach. As we got closer to the car, I could see that he was worried or nervous, but I just ignored it, assuming that it was because it was getting colder. He took we to the edge of a cliff and down below were the words “Marry Me?” in lights. Of course I said “YES” like a dozen times!

Did I suspect anything? Of course I did, but why ruin such a beautiful moment

Date Ideas On a Budget

As someone who is young and in love, I like to spend my time with my boyfriend. Now, let’s not forgot the key part of that sentence, young. While dating, you are eager to see one another, but at what cost? I believe, like most people do, that money doesn’t buy happiness. Money can bring ease but not memories and experiences! Some memories and experiences of mine that are great date ideas are outdoor adventures, or something as simply as a stay home movie night. I’d like to share a couple of these ideas with you:

-Have dates at parks, swings are a must for me. A nice walk around the park is also a great way to get to know each other. Rather than buying something to snack on during your date, make something from scratch at home. From there, you can enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other better. P.s the more food you bring, the longer the date; if it’s not going great… hurry up and eat!

-Hiking is not only a great way to get active, but closer to your date. You may find out some things you have never known before. To top off a hike, you can always watch the stars. Watch them sparkle and see the moonlight hit your date’s face. But this is a date that I would recommend if you have been on a couple of previous dates… just in case.

-Also you can just watch the stars without the exercise, maybe even dance under the stars.

– Don’t have a place of your own? Crash your friends or in my case your sister’s house and have a mellow movie or game night.

– Use your gift card (if you have any). Go out to eat or just a coffee date.

Tips to Beat the Clock: How to get Ready in a Hurry

We all know the hassle of getting out of bed each morning. We make sure to set an alarm so we do not oversleep, but we all know that the snooze button is there for a reason. Although we don’t like to admit it, we use it more often than we should. We keep pressing the snooze button and by the time we actually wake up, are running late for work or school.

To help me get ready, I make sure to have a couple of staple pieces in my wardrobe. It should be simple, classy and definitely should not need ironing! It should be something that’ll look good no matter what. I usually go with classic black jeans, a simple white tee, and a pair of flats. Just add a blazer and some accessories to dress up the outfit. This is when i would add my pop of color and be able to make my outfit unique.

Narrow down your makeup routine. When I’m in a hurry, I know that the best option is to stick to the basics. Go with a natural look and spice it up with a bold lip. Don’t need to draw that wing when you got to fly out the door.

For hair, just put it in a bun… no one will ever know. If you have some extra time, I like to put a braid in my hair. It’s a quick way to elevate your hairstyle and look put together.

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