Top Concealers: Drugstore and High End Makeup

There are many different concealers, from high end to drugstore. These concealers would include thicker and lighter formulas, high and sheerer coverage. Concealers vary in texture and coverage due to what we use them for.

For the Under Eyes

Under the eyes, I recommend a lighter full coverage concealer. This helps conceal any discoloration from those sleepless nights, but help with limited creasing. A thick, coverage concealer conceals under the eyes but creases, even if it is set. To avoid the need to use a thicker concealer, use a salmon colored corrector before applying a thinner concealer.

My all time favorite drugstore concealer is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. It covers my deep colored under eye circles but is still light and doesn’t crease. I set it with some powder for maximum hold. It has a huge variety of shades with different under tones, so color matching shouldn’t be a problem. For something lighter, but just to brighten under the eyes, the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer is perfect! It brightens the under eyes and makes you look more awake while still looking very natural. On those extra special days, I pair both the Fit me and the Instant Age Rewind together to get more coverage, but still have that brightening affect. 

For the Face

A medium- full coverage liquid concealer is my go to for an everyday spot concealer. This would provide the coverage you need, but have a very light and natural feel to it.  The Fit Me Concealer is my go to daily concealer. It provides me with coverage for any break outs I have, but still keep a minimal look for everyday. A liquid concealer is easy to build up and this concealer would work for both spot concealing and under the eyes.

Full Coverage

A special occasion concealer, a thicker, fuller coverage concealer would look great in photographs and provide the maximum coverage. I would recommend the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer. This concealer provides full coverage without caking up your face. It has a thicker formula and when applied, covers everything! It lasts on the face all day with the maximum coverage. A little of this concealer goes a long way- it will last you a long time. 

We need to teach ourselves what works best for our skin type and what concealers work the best for us.

Slim Down in Photos

Looking slim in photos is not always the easiest thing to do. But taking photos is a fun thing to look back at if you’re doing it right. Not being the slimmest person, I used to always dread taking photos. Over the years, I have learned some techniques that help me drop those extra pounds off of my photographs.

The first tip all depends on what you wear. As we all know, black is always slimming but it’s not only black- being monochromatic will also help slim down your body. One shade of clothing will help the eyes flow softly up and down your body. Wearing fitted clothing (not tight, but fitted) will also help slim the body. Wearing loose clothing will make someone look straight and without a body shape, but wearing fitted clothes, even if it is loose, will show a shape that you will then be able to enhance with your pose. A great tip is to wear a fitted top and if appropriate weather, add a cardigan on top. The longer the cardigan- the more it hides.

The next tip is all about your position. Make sure to enhance your body shape, instead of hiding it. Slightly stick out your butt and push your chest forward. This will create an “S” body shape. Twist your body slightly sideways  to further enhance that perfect silhouette. Then place one foot in front of the other with a slight bend to the knee. This will further slim down your body by tricking the camera. To further slim your photos, add a purse, cup of coffee, or even sunglasses. Create movement with these pieces to help create the perfect picture. 

Following these simple ideas will help slim down your photos and enhance the features you love.

Tips to Beat the Clock: How to get Ready in a Hurry

We all know the hassle of getting out of bed each morning. We make sure to set an alarm so we do not oversleep, but we all know that the snooze button is there for a reason. Although we don’t like to admit it, we use it more often than we should. We keep pressing the snooze button and by the time we actually wake up, are running late for work or school.

To help me get ready, I make sure to have a couple of staple pieces in my wardrobe. It should be simple, classy and definitely should not need ironing! It should be something that’ll look good no matter what. I usually go with classic black jeans, a simple white tee, and a pair of flats. Just add a blazer and some accessories to dress up the outfit. This is when i would add my pop of color and be able to make my outfit unique.

Narrow down your makeup routine. When I’m in a hurry, I know that the best option is to stick to the basics. Go with a natural look and spice it up with a bold lip. Don’t need to draw that wing when you got to fly out the door.

For hair, just put it in a bun… no one will ever know. If you have some extra time, I like to put a braid in my hair. It’s a quick way to elevate your hairstyle and look put together.

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