The proper way to ask someone to be your reference.

Do you have an important job interview and you are not sure how to ask you boss to be your professional reference? Below is a sample reference request email you can use that will guarantee a glowing reference from anyone you ask.

Sample Reference Email Template That Never Fails

Good afternoon Your Highness, 

Hope everything is going well with your summer! My name is Bob Smith. I’m a mere peasant at your service. I’ve been serving the Kingdom for almost two years.

I am currently seeking a position as an Office Assistant for the ABC Company and would greatly appreciate it if you would allow me to list you as a reference. In fact, it would an honor!

I believe that a reference from you would provide a potential employer with information about me that may be beneficial. 

If you need any additional information, please contact me via email.

Thank you for your consideration and support.


A mere mortal -Bob Smith

P.S- You are the fairest, simplest, smartest Ruler!

This template was tested over hundred time and each time, we are blown away with positive feedback. If you use our template, you are guaranteed a “Yes!” every time. The beginning of your successful career will begin with this template. Below is a real life response a readers received from their boss:

Good afternoon mortal Bob,

As a leader of this locale, it try my best to get to know the locals but fail at times, thus my apologies if I don’t recall who you are. My kingdom is as wide as my butt thus I hope you understand my dilemma and the difficulty that is caused for me to remember all the individuals. 

Since a reference from me, at such high stature, is considered the highest valued amongst the community including the peasantry and may bring many future success and golden coins (riches), I am willing to sacrifice my good faith and name in order to assistant someone desperately in need. Since I am truly and magnificently the fairest, simplest and smartest ruler and you have identified so well you have softened my heart and a reference is something I am willing to approve and will be made available. 

Other than the great work that you offer to the kingdom according to kingdom individual scrolls in our basement, anything else I should be aware of when I get called upon? 

The wisest,

Manager of ABC Company

To end this post, I will leave you with a few words once spoken by the wise Meghan Trainor “give some credit Where it’s due, give props to you know who..” This article was inspired by a smart, professional lady, with sweaty hand and feet, who we call Alina.

How to Quit Refined Sugar & Benefits of Sugar Free Diet

Let’s face it, sugar is addicting.I didn’t realize how much I craved it until I decide to give up my habit of eating sugar daily. I was sugar free August to December and was shocked to find how much better I felt during those five months. Unfortunately, with the holiday parties and our vacation in December, I enjoyed multiple sugary treats throughout the last two month. Now were in February, and I ready to eliminate sugar from my diet once again.I would like to share a few tips that helped me back in August and that I am using again right now to help me eliminate sugar from my diet.

Tip #1: Clean out the pantry. The first thing i did was go through my kitchen and toss out anything that I did not want to consume. For the items I was not willing to throw out (a few chocolate bars we brought back from our Iceland trip), I put inside of a box and taped it up and shoved in the back of the kitchen cabinet. They were safe, out of sight and out of easy reach.

Tip #2: Stock up the fridge. My second tip is to stock your fridge with fruit. Every time you have a sugar craving, you have fruit at your fingertips. Its quick, easy and satisfying. You can also freeze fruit for times when you want a cold treat. Grapes are one of my favorites, but berries freeze great as well.

Tip #3:Find healthy alternative.There are so many different fruit and herb teas that you can drink when sugar craving come up. One of my favorites for when I want something sweet is rooibos vanilla blend or ginger lemon tea. Chai tea, with a splash of almond milk can also be very satisfying. Another option is dried fruit and nuts. This is my weakness! I discovered the most delicious combination, dates and pecans! 

Tip #4: It’s all in your head. Most of our craving are all mental. If you take time to listen to your body and focus on what your body is really craving, it is not sugar. This is especially important when you are around company, having the mental strength to resist that cake and instead enjoy a bowl of fruit.

Benefits of living sugar free:

  • You feel healthier
  • Your craving for sugar will decrease
  • More stable energy through out the day
  • Better skin
  • Mental clarity



Triphala is one of India’s greatest herbs. It is made up of three plants: Amla, Haritaki,and Vibhitaki. Triphala contains five of six taste senses– sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, astringent. So as you can imagine the taste is strong and not very pleasant.

Benefits of Triphala:

Supports/ improves digestion

Helps with regular bowel movements

Natural laxative

Natural colon cleanser

Cleanses all the channels of the body

How to use:

Add ½  teaspoon of powder to 1 cup of  hot water, wait for water to cool and Triphala to settle. Drink.  You can also, add ½ teaspoon of powder to 1 tablespoon of honey. You can take drink first thing in the morning , 30 – 45 minutes after a meal.


My experience:

I prepared my Triphala at night and drank it first thing in the morning. I did this for four days straight and when I skipped the fifth day, I definitely noticed a difference. I felt a heaviness, full feeling after eating that I did not experience on the days I took TriphalaIa. I have also read that if taken at night before bed, Triphala helps improve sleep. I might try that next. I will continue taking and look forward to the results.


Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane & Chaga

Would you like to enhance your brain functionality with your morning coffee? Guess what? Now you can—with mushroom coffee.

I came across countless studies about benefits of mushrooms on the brain, specifically Lion’s mane.

Health Benefits of Lion’s Mane:

  • enhances brain function
  • helps improve digestive health
  • reduces bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol
  • supports heart and circulatory system health

I did not want to take any Lion’s Mane supplements however I still wanted to experience the benefits. I found the perfect solution, mushroom coffee! I purchased a box of Four Sigmatic Lion’s mane and Chaga coffee. I am not a big coffee drinker, I personally prefer tea. However, on days that I stay up past my bedtime and have hard time concentrating and focusing on my daily tasks the next day—this coffee gives me the energy I need to get through the day. I drink my coffee black, without any creamer or sweetener. It does not have the strong coffee taste, it’s a much smoother, milder taste. I drink about half of a cup and only on days when I need an extra energy boost. I am happy with the results so far. I do not drink conventional coffee (including decaf) because of the jittery feeling I get after I take a few sips. I did not experience that with this mushroom coffee.  I also enjoy the packaging, very convenient to keep at your desk at work.

Tips for Traveling with Wow Air- Iceland Vacation

My first trip with WowAir was to Iceland. My husband and I were able to book a direct flight from San Francisco to Keflavík, Iceland for almost a third of the cost of other airlines. As a precaution, you will need to pay for everything from reserving a seat to paying a carry-on bag fee. We were a little nervous and had our doubt at first, but with such affordable prices we decided to go for it! And I am glad we did, our overall experience was very positive. Here are my top tips for traveling with Wow Air.

1. Reserve seats. I highly recommend paying the few dollars extra to reserve your seat on the plane. Especially on a long haul flight like ours, we did not want to risk sitting apart from each other.

2. Baggage. This is an obvious one, but can easily be overlooked. Be sure to review the website to ensure your carry-on and personal bag are within the size limit. The fight staff personally check each luggage piece when you check-in and tag whether it will be stored under the seat or in the overhead compartment. Be sure to measure your bags at home and if you have a chance, use the luggage-size-check-unit at the gate. This way you can avoid paying any fees or having to upgrade. We seen quite a few travelers forced to check-in their carry-ons because the bag did not pass the check.

3. Food. Wow Air does not provide any complimentary snacks, even on the 8+hour flight like ours. You can purchase food on the plane but as you can imagine, it can really add up. My advise would be to bring a few snacks of your own. We brought pre-cut fruit, berries, a few Kind bars and of course, a bag of chips.

4. Drinks. As with food, there are no complimentary drink. That’s right, no complimentary water. My tip is to bring an empty water bottle that you can then fill up after you pass TSA. Most airports have water bottle filling stations or you can stop by the food court and ask to have your bottle filled.

5. Entertainment. There are no TV’s on the plane. You will have the option to purchase an iPad as with most airlines. We ended up bringing a laptop with a few movies ready to go. We ended up watching only one but it was good to have.

6. Comfort. I also recommend bringing a small blanket with you as the plane can get chilly. We did not bring one on our flight and ended up pulling out our down jackets to keep us warm.


Quick & Easy Make Ahead Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Now that independence Day is behind us and there are less sugary, unhealthy temptations around; I am looking forward to getting back to my daily routine. Today, I would like to share a few quick, easy breakfast ideas. These meals take very little time to prepare and are easy to take with you to school or work with no issues.

1.Smoothie- I prep all the ingredients( except for the almond milk and seeds) in Ziploc bag that I store in the freezer. I let the bag thaw on the counter while I get ready (15 minutes),  then I blend everything together and enjoy on my way to work.

My current favorite spinach smoothie recipe:
About two handfuls of Spinach
1 cup of pineapple
1 banana
A few tablespoons of lemon juice
2 tablespoon Chia seeds
1-2 cups Almond milk

2.Oatmeal-  I soak the oats overnight with almond milk.I like to top with fruits(fresh and dried), seeds, nuts, and spices.  This is a quick breakfast with very little prep work and very filling.

3.Chia seed pudding- I like to use almond milk to make mine. I mix the seeds and milk after dinner and let sit in the refrigerator overnight and it’s ready for me to enjoy in the morning. This is another simple, yet delicious and filling breakfast. You can also top with fruit, seeds, and nuts. 

4.Fruit and hardboiled egg- On the days I do not prepare the night before, I find that a piece of fruit and one or two hardboiled eggs does that trick—wakes me up keeps me from reaching for that donut.