Fall Ideas

With fall here, it’s a new season with new adventures, new experiences, a new wardrobe, and a new attitude. With cozy weather, it’s nice to stay inside and cuddle up with some blankets. People say that the hardest part of getting up and out there is convincing yourself to get up and get out there. For me personally, it’s finding something to do. Here are some ideas for fall hangouts and dates:

Apple Orchards

Apple orchards are a great place to visit during fall. The apples are ripe, the leaves change colors and nothing says fall like a caramelized apple. A farmers market is open and always a good way to try new treats and buy produce straight from the gardens. Fall is here so an orchid/ farmers market is the place to go.

Corn Mazes

Corn mazes, are a fun way to spend your fall time. Typically, corn mazes give you a map of the maze, but if you are feeling spontaneous ditch the map and have fun! One of my favorite things to is to pack a light lunch and have a little picnic on one of the lookout spots.  Not only is it a nice break, but food is always a good idea.


Not all fairs are open, but the ones that are, are a good way to spend quality time with family and friends. With lots of games and rides, fall makes the fair fun without the heat.


It might as well be called the hiking season. With summer ending and cooler winds coming in, hikes are a great way to get some exercise and distress. Great views and beautiful fall golden sunsets. Just make sure it’s not supposed to rain.

Spa Treatment

Another way to distress is to do a spa night. Nights are getting colder and hot bathes just hit the spot. Fall smelling candles, some Epsom salts or bath bombs/ bubbles, dimmed lights and some sort of entertainment. A book, a movie, music, or my favorite, my thoughts. Pamper yourself- put on a mask and paint your nails. Something we rarely get to do.


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