Date Ideas On a Budget

As someone who is young and in love, I like to spend my time with my boyfriend. Now, let’s not forgot the key part of that sentence, young. While dating, you are eager to see one another, but at what cost? I believe, like most people do, that money doesn’t buy happiness. Money can bring ease but not memories and experiences! Some memories and experiences of mine that are great date ideas are outdoor adventures, or something as simply as a stay home movie night. I’d like to share a couple of these ideas with you:

-Have dates at parks, swings are a must for me. A nice walk around the park is also a great way to get to know each other. Rather than buying something to snack on during your date, make something from scratch at home. From there, you can enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other better. P.s the more food you bring, the longer the date; if it’s not going great… hurry up and eat!

-Hiking is not only a great way to get active, but closer to your date. You may find out some things you have never known before. To top off a hike, you can always watch the stars. Watch them sparkle and see the moonlight hit your date’s face. But this is a date that I would recommend if you have been on a couple of previous dates… just in case.

-Also you can just watch the stars without the exercise, maybe even dance under the stars.

– Don’t have a place of your own? Crash your friends or in my case your sister’s house and have a mellow movie or game night.

– Use your gift card (if you have any). Go out to eat or just a coffee date.

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