Amazon STEM Club Part 1

While browsing toys on Amazon(in preparation for the upcoming Christmas), I came across Stem Club.  I am all for educational toys so of course I clicked on the thumbnail to find out what exactly Stem Club is!

It turned out to be monthly subscription of $19.99 where you get one STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math) toy each month in the age range that you choose.

I decided to give STEM Club a go after reading many positive reviews. Once the item was preparing for shipping, I could see what toy would soon arrive at our house.

Our first toy that came was Kids First Automobile Engineer Kit, which retails at $40+. The age group that I selected was 3-4 years.

Regarding our first shipment, I have been pleasantly surprised! My daughter has spent hours playing with this toy! She still has a hard time building according to the guide booklet but that does not stop her from building structures/cars to her liking. I love that it all fits in the box it came in for easy storage and clean up. I have decided to keep the subscription for another month!

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