Amazon STEM Club Part 2

We were excited to receive our second shipment from Amazon’s Stem Club. Well, maybe I was more excited than my kiddo but still we were excited! The box came in the mail and, of course, as with any other package, my daughter asked, “Is that for me?”

She got more and more excited as she opened the box because she realized it was a toy! She was very excited to find Educational Insights Design & Drill Activity Center. This particle toy costs $32.99 on amazon, which getting for $19.99 as a STEM Club member is a deal! My daughter has gotten a good amount of hours playing with the drill set. She is not very into using the provided sheets of pattern, more of a freestyle kind of girl for now! The tools are easy to use and so are the screws. All the pieces can be stored in the original box, which is a great plus.

Overall, I have enjoyed my subscription to STEM Club but I have decided to cancel (easy to do so, thanks Amazon). I love all the educational toys but that will mean 12 toys that I did not pick out sent to my house that I need to organize, donate and deal with. At this time, I would rather have my child pick out a toy or steer my child towards a toy that I believe my child should have! Isn’t that wonderful parenting?! Regarding STEM Club, I am sure that in some years, I’m thinking school age, we will revisit this subject. Until then.

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