First Facial Experience

Going to my very first facial was very exciting and it was just what I needed. This facial was a deep cleansing facial that left my skin looking and being healthier.

These are the steps that the esthetician took:

Facial Cleansing:

First the esthetician talked to me to get an understanding of my skin and started to cleanse with a cleanser. My face was now clean from any makeup and dirts, so we began right away. Through the whole process the esthetician explained what she was doing and why she was doing it. She mentioned that for every step she does it takes a minimum of 15 minutes to make sure the product is doing what it would.


After cleaning my skin she rinsed my face by using a towelette. This first step, step up the rest of the facial. She then applied an exfoliate and worked that in. After doing this the esthetician applied a mask to deep clean the face.

Chemical Mask:

A chemical mask was then applied to fully open up the pores. The esthetician spread the lotion around. This had a warm effect, in which she sealed the mask with a covering and wrapped a towel around the face to prevent the heat from escaping.  This was part of a 2 step process to get rid of top layer of skin

Riding of Dirt:

After 20 minutes, the esthetician  took the towel and covering off and went in with a tool that was rolled on the face to relieve any clogged pores. This got rid of the dirt that was in my pores .

After this tool, the esthetician went in and cleared stubborn pores.

Closing the Pores:

The second step to get rid of the top layer was using an ultrasound machine to remove/ close the pores.

The esthetician then toned, applied sunscreen and moisturizer to the face.

The overall experience was very calming and felt refreshing. It was a new experience that I would be open to do again. Our skin is the largest organ of the body, so lets take care of it.

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