Hello and welcome to our little corner! Teacup Whispers is blog about life and everything it encompasses. It is written by four sisters--each one amazingly unique and passionate about life.The purpose of this blog is to provide you with content that will help enhance your life. This includes, but not limited to, product reviews, health and fitness, and lifestyle tips and advice.Our goal is for you to feel like you are with close friends drinking a cup of tea and talking about life and it's wonderful adventures every time you visit our blog. Here is a quick introduction to the fabulous authors of this blog. 

Hi there! They call me Luba. I am happily married, mother of two beautiful girls Grace and Abby. My passions are cooking, baking, projects with my kids, and spending time together as a family. Join me on my journey of recipe discovery and vast variety of projects. I hope you will be inspired by what inspires me.

Hello! I am second oldest sister. I love to travel and spend time outdoors. I am an aspiring minimalist, searching for ways to simplify life. I am fascinated by fitness and health. A curios person at heart, I enjoy learning and challenge myself to be the better version of myself. Myer Briggs personality type ISFJ. I hope my knowledge and life experiences will  help motivate you and enhance your life.

I am Inna.  I am newlywed (going on 6 months) and finally getting used to my new busy life. I enjoy getting dolled up; hair and makeup is a hobby and I hope to teach you the tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. I enjoy living my life to the fullest and I hope you will join my sisters and I for a cup of tea.

Hey hey, Alina here. The youngest of them all or better known as the most spoiled. I am quite ordinary and have a simple life.  I like to believe, as most people do, that there is something special in me. I can be headstrong and like to do thing to my likings. I love learning new things like proper etiquette( which is a laugh to my other sisters because I am the most rebellious of them all). I enjoy expressing my emotions through writing and painting, or reading the most glorious books that can take you anywhere. Why Teacup Whispers? As Europeans, there is no conversation without it! It’s where relationships are build and the learning begins.By the way, my favorite tea is mint:)