The proper way to ask someone to be your reference.

Do you have an important job interview and you are not sure how to ask you boss to be your professional reference? Below is a sample reference request email you can use that will guarantee a glowing reference from anyone you ask.

Sample Reference Email Template That Never Fails

Good afternoon Your Highness, 

Hope everything is going well with your summer! My name is Bob Smith. I’m a mere peasant at your service. I’ve been serving the Kingdom for almost two years.

I am currently seeking a position as an Office Assistant for the ABC Company and would greatly appreciate it if you would allow me to list you as a reference. In fact, it would an honor!

I believe that a reference from you would provide a potential employer with information about me that may be beneficial. 

If you need any additional information, please contact me via email.

Thank you for your consideration and support.


A mere mortal -Bob Smith

P.S- You are the fairest, simplest, smartest Ruler!

This template was tested over hundred time and each time, we are blown away with positive feedback. If you use our template, you are guaranteed a “Yes!” every time. The beginning of your successful career will begin with this template. Below is a real life response a readers received from their boss:

Good afternoon mortal Bob,

As a leader of this locale, it try my best to get to know the locals but fail at times, thus my apologies if I don’t recall who you are. My kingdom is as wide as my butt thus I hope you understand my dilemma and the difficulty that is caused for me to remember all the individuals. 

Since a reference from me, at such high stature, is considered the highest valued amongst the community including the peasantry and may bring many future success and golden coins (riches), I am willing to sacrifice my good faith and name in order to assistant someone desperately in need. Since I am truly and magnificently the fairest, simplest and smartest ruler and you have identified so well you have softened my heart and a reference is something I am willing to approve and will be made available. 

Other than the great work that you offer to the kingdom according to kingdom individual scrolls in our basement, anything else I should be aware of when I get called upon? 

The wisest,

Manager of ABC Company

To end this post, I will leave you with a few words once spoken by the wise Meghan Trainor “give some credit Where it’s due, give props to you know who..” This article was inspired by a smart, professional lady, with sweaty hand and feet, who we call Alina.

First Facial Experience

Going to my very first facial was very exciting and it was just what I needed. This facial was a deep cleansing facial that left my skin looking and being healthier.

These are the steps that the esthetician took:

Facial Cleansing:

First the esthetician talked to me to get an understanding of my skin and started to cleanse with a cleanser. My face was now clean from any makeup and dirts, so we began right away. Through the whole process the esthetician explained what she was doing and why she was doing it. She mentioned that for every step she does it takes a minimum of 15 minutes to make sure the product is doing what it would.


After cleaning my skin she rinsed my face by using a towelette. This first step, step up the rest of the facial. She then applied an exfoliate and worked that in. After doing this the esthetician applied a mask to deep clean the face.

Chemical Mask:

A chemical mask was then applied to fully open up the pores. The esthetician spread the lotion around. This had a warm effect, in which she sealed the mask with a covering and wrapped a towel around the face to prevent the heat from escaping.  This was part of a 2 step process to get rid of top layer of skin

Riding of Dirt:

After 20 minutes, the esthetician  took the towel and covering off and went in with a tool that was rolled on the face to relieve any clogged pores. This got rid of the dirt that was in my pores .

After this tool, the esthetician went in and cleared stubborn pores.

Closing the Pores:

The second step to get rid of the top layer was using an ultrasound machine to remove/ close the pores.

The esthetician then toned, applied sunscreen and moisturizer to the face.

The overall experience was very calming and felt refreshing. It was a new experience that I would be open to do again. Our skin is the largest organ of the body, so lets take care of it.

How to Curl Hair: The Keys to Perfect Curls

One of the first things that I learned when working with hair, is curling the hair. Curling hair is something that most of us struggle with when we don’t have control over our curling iron. There are many different ways to curl hair and get different results, each by using different techniques. These techniques are endless based on these three concepts: the way the barrel is held, the way the hair is twisted around the barrel, and the curling technique that is used.

The Way you Hold the Barrel:

 -Holding the barrel with the clamp facing towards the front of the face allows you to get curls that are facing away from your face.





-Vis versa if you hold the barrel facing away from the face, this would allow you to get curls facing your face.





-Holding the barrel in a vertical position allows you to control the type of curl you will receive.  This will depend on how far apart each wrap is from each other.  The closer the wraps, the tighter the curls.




-Holding the barrel in a horizontal position allows you to receive more bouncy curls because it is curled from the root.


Quick Tip: If you hold your hair in your hand after it is released from the barrel, it will prolong the wear of your curl.

The Way you Twist your Hair Around the Barrel:

The twist of your hair around the barrel is what gives you the difference in the curl. When wrapping your hair around the barrel, you have two different options:

-Holding the hair flat around the barrel will give you a the classic curl (on the left).

-Twisting the hair around the barrel will help you achieve more loose curls. The more twists; the more beachy of a wave you will achieve (on the right).



The Curling Technique Used:

-The easiest way to curl your hair, is to start from the bottom and curl up. This would give you the simple flat around the barrel curl.





-The next simplest technique is to start from the top and work your way down while opening the clamp every time you twist the hair. This technique will give you a flat around the barrel curl but with a little more volume at the root and looser ends.




-If you want the pin up type curls, curl the hair with one twist every time you go around the barrel. Pin the curls up with a clip to help them stay bouncy and voluminous.



-To receive the ‘crimp’ look, alternate the way you hold the barrel. From the clamp facing away from you, to the clamp facing the back of your head.


Mannequin Head:

Curling Iron:

How to Quit Refined Sugar & Benefits of Sugar Free Diet

Let’s face it, sugar is addicting.I didn’t realize how much I craved it until I decide to give up my habit of eating sugar daily. I was sugar free August to December and was shocked to find how much better I felt during those five months. Unfortunately, with the holiday parties and our vacation in December, I enjoyed multiple sugary treats throughout the last two month. Now were in February, and I ready to eliminate sugar from my diet once again.I would like to share a few tips that helped me back in August and that I am using again right now to help me eliminate sugar from my diet.

Tip #1: Clean out the pantry. The first thing i did was go through my kitchen and toss out anything that I did not want to consume. For the items I was not willing to throw out (a few chocolate bars we brought back from our Iceland trip), I put inside of a box and taped it up and shoved in the back of the kitchen cabinet. They were safe, out of sight and out of easy reach.

Tip #2: Stock up the fridge. My second tip is to stock your fridge with fruit. Every time you have a sugar craving, you have fruit at your fingertips. Its quick, easy and satisfying. You can also freeze fruit for times when you want a cold treat. Grapes are one of my favorites, but berries freeze great as well.

Tip #3:Find healthy alternative.There are so many different fruit and herb teas that you can drink when sugar craving come up. One of my favorites for when I want something sweet is rooibos vanilla blend or ginger lemon tea. Chai tea, with a splash of almond milk can also be very satisfying. Another option is dried fruit and nuts. This is my weakness! I discovered the most delicious combination, dates and pecans! 

Tip #4: It’s all in your head. Most of our craving are all mental. If you take time to listen to your body and focus on what your body is really craving, it is not sugar. This is especially important when you are around company, having the mental strength to resist that cake and instead enjoy a bowl of fruit.

Benefits of living sugar free:

  • You feel healthier
  • Your craving for sugar will decrease
  • More stable energy through out the day
  • Better skin
  • Mental clarity


Amazon STEM Club Part 2

We were excited to receive our second shipment from Amazon’s Stem Club. Well, maybe I was more excited than my kiddo but still we were excited! The box came in the mail and, of course, as with any other package, my daughter asked, “Is that for me?”

She got more and more excited as she opened the box because she realized it was a toy! She was very excited to find Educational Insights Design & Drill Activity Center. This particle toy costs $32.99 on amazon, which getting for $19.99 as a STEM Club member is a deal! My daughter has gotten a good amount of hours playing with the drill set. She is not very into using the provided sheets of pattern, more of a freestyle kind of girl for now! The tools are easy to use and so are the screws. All the pieces can be stored in the original box, which is a great plus.

Overall, I have enjoyed my subscription to STEM Club but I have decided to cancel (easy to do so, thanks Amazon). I love all the educational toys but that will mean 12 toys that I did not pick out sent to my house that I need to organize, donate and deal with. At this time, I would rather have my child pick out a toy or steer my child towards a toy that I believe my child should have! Isn’t that wonderful parenting?! Regarding STEM Club, I am sure that in some years, I’m thinking school age, we will revisit this subject. Until then.

Winter Ideas

Cold air, and lights are around. Big coats, scarfs and hats. The sound of Christmas songs on the radio and in stores. Winter is here, and so are their activities. Here are some ideas for the winter season.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating is a great way to get some winter exercise in for the holidays. Put on some skates and skate your heart out. This is also a great winter date idea. You can always use your partner as balance, and just hold their hand. 


Snowboarding is also another great winter activity to get some exercise in. Strap on your boots and side! Bring some friends along and make a weekend out it.


Skiing, just like snowboarding and ice skating gets the exercise in. Put on your skis and have fun. This also another fun winter activity to do with friends.


With the holidays coming up, going caroling is a great way to get in that holiday cheer. Cheering up people, young and old in the cold winter air. Winter is not the same without it.

Trips to the snow

Just a trip to the snow is nice to relax and enjoy your time away. On this getaway you can even participate in some old school winter activities like snowball fights, sledging, building snowman’s and creating snow angels.

Rent a winter home

If you want the snow and cold, but stay cozy rent a winter home. Enjoy all these activities in a cozy home.

Top Concealers: Drugstore and High End Makeup

There are many different concealers, from high end to drugstore. These concealers would include thicker and lighter formulas, high and sheerer coverage. Concealers vary in texture and coverage due to what we use them for.

For the Under Eyes

Under the eyes, I recommend a lighter full coverage concealer. This helps conceal any discoloration from those sleepless nights, but help with limited creasing. A thick, coverage concealer conceals under the eyes but creases, even if it is set. To avoid the need to use a thicker concealer, use a salmon colored corrector before applying a thinner concealer.

My all time favorite drugstore concealer is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. It covers my deep colored under eye circles but is still light and doesn’t crease. I set it with some powder for maximum hold. It has a huge variety of shades with different under tones, so color matching shouldn’t be a problem. For something lighter, but just to brighten under the eyes, the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer is perfect! It brightens the under eyes and makes you look more awake while still looking very natural. On those extra special days, I pair both the Fit me and the Instant Age Rewind together to get more coverage, but still have that brightening affect. 

For the Face

A medium- full coverage liquid concealer is my go to for an everyday spot concealer. This would provide the coverage you need, but have a very light and natural feel to it.  The Fit Me Concealer is my go to daily concealer. It provides me with coverage for any break outs I have, but still keep a minimal look for everyday. A liquid concealer is easy to build up and this concealer would work for both spot concealing and under the eyes.

Full Coverage

A special occasion concealer, a thicker, fuller coverage concealer would look great in photographs and provide the maximum coverage. I would recommend the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer. This concealer provides full coverage without caking up your face. It has a thicker formula and when applied, covers everything! It lasts on the face all day with the maximum coverage. A little of this concealer goes a long way- it will last you a long time. 

We need to teach ourselves what works best for our skin type and what concealers work the best for us.

Amazon STEM Club Part 1

While browsing toys on Amazon(in preparation for the upcoming Christmas), I came across Stem Club.  I am all for educational toys so of course I clicked on the thumbnail to find out what exactly Stem Club is!

It turned out to be monthly subscription of $19.99 where you get one STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math) toy each month in the age range that you choose.

I decided to give STEM Club a go after reading many positive reviews. Once the item was preparing for shipping, I could see what toy would soon arrive at our house.

Our first toy that came was Kids First Automobile Engineer Kit, which retails at $40+. The age group that I selected was 3-4 years.

Regarding our first shipment, I have been pleasantly surprised! My daughter has spent hours playing with this toy! She still has a hard time building according to the guide booklet but that does not stop her from building structures/cars to her liking. I love that it all fits in the box it came in for easy storage and clean up. I have decided to keep the subscription for another month!

Midterms:Tips for Exams and Tests

Midterms, the horror of students. No wonder they are around this time of year considering today is Halloween. To pass or to not pass, to study or wing it. Mid-terms and their exams put a panic in all of us and reminds us that the semester is almost over. Here are some tips for midterms and future exams and tests:

Stay on top of things:

Throughout the whole semester it’s a good idea to stay on top of your classes and material that is being covered. A way to do this is after the lecture ends try to review your notes as soon as possible. The more time the material is not reviewed the less likely you are to absorb and understand as much information as possible. This will give a higher possibility of passing the exam.

Don’t wait till the last moment:

This is similar to the point above. Studying the night before an exam is not the most efficient way to study for an exam. If you combine these two points together then only a small portion of time will be needed to be spent studying for a test and the material will be learned and later on applied. With less time required to study for the exam, the time can be used for other classes that may also have an exam.


I know how midterms and finals delay our sleep. It may be because of nerves or staying up to studying, but a fresh mind is a more functional mind. Try to get sleep throughout the semester, not just the night before the exam. For me personally, I am more tired if I change my sleeping pattern. If I got 6 hours of sleep on the daily, then I would not change 6 to 8 hours of sleep for the next day. My body does not adapt that quickly, therefore I would be more tired. Try to keep the same schedule, food and sleep wise.


Triphala is one of India’s greatest herbs. It is made up of three plants: Amla, Haritaki,and Vibhitaki. Triphala contains five of six taste senses– sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, astringent. So as you can imagine the taste is strong and not very pleasant.

Benefits of Triphala:

Supports/ improves digestion

Helps with regular bowel movements

Natural laxative

Natural colon cleanser

Cleanses all the channels of the body

How to use:

Add ½  teaspoon of powder to 1 cup of  hot water, wait for water to cool and Triphala to settle. Drink.  You can also, add ½ teaspoon of powder to 1 tablespoon of honey. You can take drink first thing in the morning , 30 – 45 minutes after a meal.


My experience:

I prepared my Triphala at night and drank it first thing in the morning. I did this for four days straight and when I skipped the fifth day, I definitely noticed a difference. I felt a heaviness, full feeling after eating that I did not experience on the days I took TriphalaIa. I have also read that if taken at night before bed, Triphala helps improve sleep. I might try that next. I will continue taking and look forward to the results.